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About Us

ITALTUBES, an Italcanna Brand

ITALTUBES is a trademark registered by Italcanna of Lucca to indicate their sector concerning the production of tubes in advanced composite materials. The company Italcanna was born in 1966 as specialized manufaturer of fishing rods by Carlo D’Olivo, follows his uncle’s factory where, in the early post-war years,with over 120 employees working as tecnical chief.

Today, Italcanna is known throughout the world for its excellent products which hold several records for catching big fish on all seas around the globe. All this was unimaginable back in the mid-60s, when the name Italcanna made its appearance on the first tubes which Carlo D’Olivo manufactured personally. And many years have passed since that far away 1966, when the new company, still run by the D’Olivo family, was set up.

The production facility is based in Segromigno, in the province of Lucca, a few kilometres from the Tyrrhenian Sea. The whole company’s production, which offers a choice of over one thousand products, is designed to mainly cater for carbon tubes.
For many years, the company focused primarily on the production of fibreglass tubes, which were first exported to France and later to the United States and Australia, and within a few years received important acknowledgements such as the Quality Award in 1971 and the Gold Hercules International Award in 1981.

In the 80s, after extensive research on the application of composite fibres in the sport fishing sector, Italcanna became one of the first European companies to manufacture hollow composite tubes. Using woven carbon also for other applications, the company developed new manufacturing and assembly technologies to obtain ultimate performance from composite materials.

The results achieved were excellent and the new materials were introduced on the entire production expanding the company’s range with innovative, cutting-edge products.
These research activities led to the development of the first micro-fibre tubular trolling rods, which immediately won a world title at the 1981 Madeira World Fishing Championships.

In addition, as a result of these studies, the solid fiberglass tubes, which were becoming outdated, were superseded by the first composit telescopic rods, such as the Marenostrum (trademark patent dated 11/11/1986).
In 1983 was born also the first composite flagwavers pole still today pride of Italian tradition. Despite these successes, the company did not rest on its laurels but continued to introduce innovations, such as the TMH patent (22/10/1987) and the production of a range of specially-designed, high-performance professional rods.

The technical experience acquired with the limited production of this special products was later applied to the series manufacturing of carbon tubes with outstanding results.
In more recent years, Italcanna patented the CarboTitanium (13/12/2002), a material designed to give tubes with extra strength and lightness. Due to their quality and reliability, Italcanna composite tubes are used by many different company also for heavy-duty applications.

Last but not least, we should not forget Italcanna’s ongoing commitment to protecting the environment by using eco-friendly products and health-safe varnishes and paints.