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Flag wavers

Italcanna, a company that has over 50 years of experience in building carbon tubes, it also produces flag-weavers rods.

In fact, thanks to the help of expert flagweavers instructors, already in 1983 develop a rod with specific features of flex and weight. All current models are thus the result of this research and designed strictly and tested for the best performance, in terms of lightness and energy return to the top.
Thanks to Sbandieratori di Montefalco (PG) for the example Video. The main models are divided into:

  • Simple Flag-wavers rods (to be balance) in various types and power
  • Balanced Flag-wavers rods with iron weight
  • Flag-wavers rods for children (Lenght 1.55 mt)

Custom flag-weavers rods (under minimum request of 100 pcs)

Simple Flag-wavers rods
The Standard Model is presented as a conical tube of 175 cm in length and with constant thickness. Particularly suitable for counterbalance to do on the outside (such as metal tube fitted over). Depending on the rigidity of the rods we can distinguish two models: Flexible (model 6K) and stiff (model 9K). These rods are ideal for those who want to use in the modern approach show type.

Slub Flag-wavers rod
The model with slub unlike the standard, has a more material on the basis that it increases the thickness. The length is always 175 cm. These models are ideal for inside balance weight. These types of rods are ideal for classical show and excellent replacement of the historic wooden rods.

Below you can see the detail of slub on the base (Lr = 25 cm)

CS Model
This model is ideal for the modern show. Can be balanced externally or internally. For its shape and rigidity favors the use in single flag-waver exercises and also small group. Result of the most recent technologies this rod has been developed and tested with caring attention to the smallest detail.

mod. CG
Rod with high carbon content to accumulate more energy. This rod is ideal for all the kind of modern show. Can be balanced externally or internally. This rod for its rigidity is to be prefers with the use of exercises in great team or a number of bishops at least 10.

Balanced Flag-wavers rods

NEW - Based on the basic models described above, we have recently made appropriate counterweight to balance the rod with the most common drapes on the market. Then we have now the following models of rods balanced:
S9K-P1 Rod Standard suitable for the first approaches to modern show
R9K-P2 Rod with slub, excellent substitute for the old classic wodden rods
CS-P1 Excellent product for the modern show, this given the characteristics of balance, shape and stiffness that can satisfy all needs.
All these rods are equipped with safety pin, and screw-hole for plugs the TC25 dedicated terminal. A pocket bag is available as a dedicated transport sistem.

Rods for young flag-weavers

Ideal for "Young Flag Wavers" this rod has been specially designed for them, with a specific length of 155 cm and a smoother action than previous models. Even this version of the model exists with slub and the standard model with Balanced. (mod. BT-P3)


Code Description Ře top Ře base Weight (g) Lenght (mm) Price
S 6K Standard Flex rod 5,5 17,5 170 1750 .
S 9K ” ” Stiff 6,5 18 240 1750 .
R 6K Slub Flex 5,5 26,5 285 1750 .
R 9K ” ” Stiff 6,5 27 360 1750 .
CS CS model 6,8 18,8 273 1750 .
CG ” ” CG - - - - .
S9K-P1 Standard 9K + weight P1 6,5 26 745 1750 .
R9K-P2 Slub type 9K + weight P2 6,5 26 nd 1750 .
CS-P1 CS type + weight P1 6,8 26 775 - .
BS Simple for children 5,5 15,5 125 1550 .
BR Slub for children 5,5 25 220 1550 .
BT-P3 Balanced for Children 6 25 505 1560 .
GF 1 Special type GF1 15 20 nd 1800 .
BL 3 Speciale type BL3 7,8 21 nd 1630 .

Special models

These models are produced on request (minimum 20 pcs) and differ from the standard models for the measures as shown below. The construction material is the same basic.

Bags for rods

Pockets for rods transport made with very strong materials and reinforced at critical points.

Rubber cap

Rubber cap to be used as terminal, due to their rubbery and thick cushion effectively bumps on the ground.

We have actually two models of cap:
tipo: TG22 – for diameter from 22 to 26 mm tu put over the rods
tipo: TC25 – conical with screw ( size 8M) – diameter 25 mm – suitable for our counterweight P1 - P2 - P3
On request is available a balancer optional interposed before the cap that increases by 35 g the counterweight.

Asta per Vessilli

Carbon tube of 1.1 mt. suitable to achieving the brings flags, banners, etc.. The main advantage is that weighs about 3 times less than similar aluminum rod and unlike it, it does not oxidize and not keep nock shock. It can be left in natural color or brown color.

This is it's size: weight 220 g – Ře on the base 28 mm – Ře on the tip 28 mm – price: … euro