Surface Finishes of Carbon Tubes -

Surface Finishes

All the tubes once you have printed them, show a thin spiral engraved on the outside, finishing what we call "rough", while the interior of the tube is always smooth. With subsequent treatments, we can grinding and painting the outer surface.
More details are:

The tube does not receive any particular treatment after polymerisation and has a reflective surface with a thin, 2mm-pitch spiral pattern that is produced by the heat-shrink film (more...)

The tube has a dull finish with a thin spiral pattern giving the product an attractive, non-slippery surface that is agreeable to the touch. This finish is ideal for large-diameter tubes such as the BS series, but lends itself equally well to other types of carbon weave (more...)

After polymerisation, the tube undergoes a surface polishing process which reduces roughness making the tube surface smooth and flowing to the touch. This process also reduces tolerance values and removes slight imperfections which may be present on the outer surface (more...)

After polishing, a paint may be applied on the tube surface. This will make the surface smooth and shiny giving the tube a beautiful aesthetic appearance while protecting the tube resin matrix from UV rays. Painting with either translucent or (more...)

This type of finish controls the outer diameter of the tube allowing very tight tolerance values to be achieved. This process, however, is relatively expensive and not applicable to all kinds of diameters. Please therefore consult our staff (more...)