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Carbon Tubes
Types of tubes

All our pipes are made starting from an inner calibrated core equivalent to the internal diameter, on which will be placed all the various layers of fiber to achieve the desired thickness of the composite. On the basis of the constituent materials and their disposal, we have classified the various tube types to meet all the best performance for each application.
All the tubes indicated below are cylindrical, but available upon request even conical or slightly oval or tapered thickness.

Specially designed to meet aesthetic requirements, E class tubes are the perfect choice when the need to have a carbon weave look overrides the mechanical properties of the material. They are ideally suited for use in the fashion sector as handles and (more...)

Designed for general mechanical applications, this reinforced fibre tube provides an excellent cost-to-performance ratio. The B series tubes feature an aesthetically pleasing unidirectional weave with relatively high elastic modulus (more...)

Entirely made from carbon fibres reinforced with a high content of UD fibres, this tube offers the best solution in terms of stretching, tensile strength and longitudinal compression. The elastic modulus is good and exceeds by 20% that of (more...)

Manufactured from carbon fibres with high elastic modulus and high tensile strength, this tube is ideally suited for applications requiring a stiff tube with high stretching values. It lends itself perfectly for robotic applications, such as manipulator arms (more...)

This tube series is made from high modulus carbon fibres, whose value in certain directions is higher than that of high-grade steel, while being five times lighter. They offer the ideal choice for applications where stiffness is the primary requisite (more...)

This tube series is made from Ultra-high modulus carbon fibres, with value in certain directions much higher than high-grade steel, while being five times lighter. They offer the ideal choice for applications where ultra-stiffness is the primary requisite (more...)

Designed to provide higher modulus and torsional strength values, this range of tubes is ideal to transmit rotations or for applications that amy be subject to torsional stresses (more...)

Range of tubes with medium modulus and resistance values. They are ideally suited for applications with diameter over 40 mm and thickness of minimum 2mm, where they offer excellent aesthetic and mechanical characteristics at a better value (more...)