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Carbon and other composite fibers’ tubes manufacture

Best composite fibers

Our carbon fiber tubes are manufactured with the Wrapping technique, basically by wrapping a pre-preg carbon fiber on a mold.

This technique's advantages compared to others are more than a few:

- we can control the exact amount of resin into the tube

- we can place fibers at a perfect 0° or 90° angle or any other inclination you want

- we can place the fibers after a precise schemes, it's then easy to change every single layer

- we can alternate/change the carbon fiber type into the tube to obtain different results

- carbon fiber tubes made with this tehcnology can stand very high temperatures and pressures

- we can develop specifical designs to make tubes able to resist or transmit strong twists along the axis

- every tube we make can be designed/adapted to a specific purpose

- we don't need big quantites

- the tube has a nice outer look

In addition to all this our tubes are:

Made in Italy

Italcanna guarantees that all tubes featured in this website are completely Made in Italy within its production facility in Lucca, including the carbon fiber from which each single tube is made of.

Best materials

'Made in Italy' not only means we use the best materials, but that we also provide service and continuity, on older products as well. To this end, we always keep the molds and tools necessary to manufacture a specifical item.

Developed by expert

Italian made also means that the product you are using has been specifically developed by expert tecnicians for your purpose. 


Engineering, Italcanna does not only limit to produce its own composite tubes but we also study materials first, enhancing the products with finite element structural analysis, to better exploit the matrix's mechanical properties and each singular fiber. Each class of tubes is therefore the result of a great job by of our technical staff carrying out an ongoing research aimed to improve its products and perform a constant quality-check on incoming materials and composite fibers.

Compliance with the delivery

Compliance with the delivery, delivery time is a priority for us and we pay our best attention to it. The long-term relationships with our customers can confirm that maintaining the shipping date concorded with the order is a strength of our company, and strengthens the bond of respect and trust with them. For this reason we also ask the same to all our suppliers.