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Carbon fiber tubes for mechanical industries and applications

B serie carbon

Carbon Tubes

B Serie tubes are suitable for general mechanical applications and provide an excellent cost-to-performance ratio. Ideal as pushers in an assembly line or drag and transmission rods.
The B series tubes feature an aesthetically pleasing unidirectional weave with relatively high elastic modulus (higher than aluminium ones), excellent tensile strength and high bending resistance. In mechanical industries they are also suitable to bear violent shocks.
Due to their lightweight, these tubes offer low inertia during fast movements.
In addition, they feature an electrically insulated core, which though makes them unsuitable to dissipate electrostatic charge build-ups.
Ideal for standard rollers, they can also be used as stiff tubes for a variety of applications.
The standard outer finishings we offer are: Rough or Smooth.
Ask us the relative technical sheet for more information.