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Carbon fiber tubes for industries

roll wrapped tube

Carbon Tubes

S Serie tubes are entirely made in HR carbon fiber in a nanocomposite matrix, they have a high percentage of Unidirectional fibers which are the best option in terms of stretching, tensile strength and longitudinal compression.
The elastic modulus is good and exceeds by 20% that of the B serie tubes and are roll wrapped tube.

We can easily change these tubes’ outer diameter and optimize it for your application without asking you for big quantities.
In addition, the S serie tubes are perfectly able to discharge any electrostatic current that may be generated by high-speed rotations.
These tubes are ideal for mechanical industries applications, as well as for a variety of uses in the naval, aeronautic and service sectors, where they are employed as rollers or rods to transmit quick movements along the axis.
Their main use is with bending or tensile/compression loads, in case you also need them in presence of rotation transmission we suggest you to look at our TORX Serie, specifically designed to bear torsional strengths.
The attractive carbon-weave finish of S Serie tubes enhances their excellent quality also making them really nice to see... Available in three standard finishes: Rough, Smooth (suggested for mechanical applications) or Painted.
Ask us the relative technical sheet for more information.