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High Modulus carbon tubes for aeronautics and weapons

U serie carbon

Carbon Tubes

U Serie tubes are made from Ultra-high modulus carbon fibers, whose value in certain directions is higher than that of high-grade steel, while being a tube five times lighter.
They are the ideal choice when a greatest stiffness is the primary requisite. They are especially suited for applications in aeronautics and aerospace fields, and as reinforcement tubes for weapons and viewfinders. In addition, they are perfect as instruments’ axes or where you need extra stiffness and very low thermal expansion coefficient so that measurements can be as precise as possible.
Our U Serie carbon tubes are extra light and stiff, particularly suited for mechanical applications where they have to transmit movements without bendings, as rollers or highly stable support guides.
Due to their nature these tubes are not employed when strong bendings or compressions along the axis occur, because of the lower stretching values of these carbon fibers.
The standard finishes available are Rough or Smooth.
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